Frequently Asked Questions


From general questions about painting and staining, to specific questions about Rust-Oleum products, let us help you answer common questions about surfaces and coatings.

  • The Must for Rust product shot

    Krud Kutter The Must for Rust FAQs

    1. What is rust or oxidation?
    2. Why does rust contain air?
    3. What is The Must for Rust specifically intended for?
    4. What will The Must for Rust remove?
    5. How does The Must for Rust remove rust?
  • Peel Coat FAQs

    1. Why would you use a removable coating?
    2. Where can Peel Coat be used?
    3. What are the most popular uses for Peel Coat?
    4. What type of surfaces can I paint with Peel Coat?
    5. Can Peel Coat be used as a protective coating against road salt in winter?
  • Painting Faqs

    1. Aren’t all paints basically the same?
    2. Which product has the best resistance to gasoline?
    3. Should certain brushes be used with certain paints?
    4. Can I recycle spray cans?
    5. How should I care for my brush so that it maintains its performance level use after use?
  • Wood Care Faqs

    1. Do I have to apply a clear coat after staining?
    2. Do I need a Pre-Stain or Wood Conditioner?
    3. How do I apply polyurethane?
    4. How do I apply stain?
    5. How much sanding is necessary?
  • NeverWet Faqs

    1. How abrasion resistant is Rust-Oleum NeverWet?
    2. Are coated items “breathable”?
    3. Can NeverWet be used on electronics?
    4. Can NeverWet be recoated?
    5. Can NeverWet be removed?
  • NeverWet Outdoor Fabric Faqs

    1. Does Rust-Oleum NeverWet Fabric dry clear?
    2. Rust-Oleum NeverWet Fabric can be used on what textiles?
    3. How do you apply Rust-Oleum NeverWet Fabric?
    4. How does Rust-Oleum NeverWet Fabric Work?
    5. What are the recommended uses for Rust-Oleum NeverWet Fabric?
  • Countertop Transformations Faqs

    1. Can I Do To Keep The Adhesive Base Coat Wet Longer?
    2. Can I Use Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations® Over an Existing Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations® Coating?
    3. How Can I Avoid Any Potenital Appearance Probems?
    4. How Does Humidity and Temperature Affect the Coating Application Process?
    5. How Do I Dispose of Unused Product and Soiled Rags Or Brushes?
  • Glow in the Dark Faqs

    1. Can Glow in the Dark MAX be sprayed on a base color other than white?
    2. Does the painted object need to be dry before it can be charged by light?
    3. Can the paint be used outdoors?
    4. How long does the painted object have to charge for maximum glow?
    5. Should the painted object be charged under natural or artificial light?
  • LeakSeal® Sprays Faqs

    1. Is LeakSeal® chemical resistant? Will it stop an oil leak?
    2. What is the amount of PSI LeakSeal® can withstand?
    3. What type of caulk can LeakSeal® be applied over?
    4. Can LeakSeal® be applied to ABS Plastic or Synthetic Rubber?
    5. Is the LeakSeal® safe to use in food prep areas?
  • LeakSeal® Tape Faqs

    1. What is LeakSeal® Tape?
    2. What are the primary product claims for LeakSeal® Tape?
    3. Where can LeakSeal® Tape be used?
    4. Can LeakSeal® Tape be applied in wet applications?
    5. What is the necessary surface preparation needed before application?
  • EPOXYSHIELD Garage Floor Coating Faqs

    1. How sound does my concrete need to be to coat?
    2. What kind of test can I perform to confirm this?
    3. Can I coat damaged/flawed/marred concrete?
    4. Will this product fill voids in the concrete?
    5. Will this product mask imperfections?